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From 1988 to 2000 there was the band THE VOICE, that was founded by Michael Spohn (vocals, keyboards, bass), Andreas Torkler (guitar, vocals) and Ralf Peinelt (guitar, vocals).

Parallel to normal working, songs were written and recorded in the self-owned studio. 11 of these songs were released in 1995 on the CD "InFormation".

1996 a longer pause was made. In the end of 1996 the friend Thomas Meyer joined the band as a drummer.

In 1999 the album "Times" was released. Due to the high costs of a big production, this album is only sold on self-burned CD. But of course, best material is used to fit highest claims.

In 2000 THE VOICE had to split up, due to recurrent and ongoing health problems of one member, which made it impossible to go on stage and give concerts. Since then, the members did not come together again as THE VOICE and they are only making music as a hobby now.

Because we - like all other musicians - find it a little hard, to describe our own music, here's an excerpt from a critique from Braunschweig's music-scene-magazine "extra dry" (issue 30, April, 15. 1996):

"73 minutes long, THE VOICE offers midtempo-arranged dark-pop. The band lies stylistically well in trend, but may brag with musical originality, because the don't need to copy well-known names in the music business. This debut-CD was recorded with computer-drums and syn-bass, and among the numerous titles several pearls can be found."

Remains to say that "InFormation" is thought for the more intensive listening, but it can also be played as background music. Our own favourites are the three "radio-fitting" titles "achievements", "old friends", and "the voice", the longplayer "entertainment" and the song "daydreamer".

The members of The Voice today on SoundCloud:

Ext. Link Michael Spohn

Ext. Link The Vintage Cross(Andreas Torkler, Thomas Meyer, Tom Tabbert)

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