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Bandinfo: general information about the band THE VOICE.
MUSICIANS: information about the musicians of THE VOICE.
INFORMATION: lyrics and pics from the album "InFormation"
TIMES: lyrics and pics from the album "Times"
ORDER: Here, You can order CDs from THE VOICE!
LINKS: Selected music-links in the World Wide Web
MP3-songs to download (the singles as legal MP3-Files,
some of them as special re-mixes)
E-MAIL: Write an e-mail to THE VOICE... *[1]
*[1] Note: We don't want any submission of advertising e-mail on any given address on this page. The one who thinks who MUST send us his advertisements may ask for permission wether we want such ads or not in a short e-mail! That e-mail may not contain advertisements itself! We are allergic to spam and want clean e-mail-accounts! Offenders to this agree to pay a penalty of 25 EUR per unwanted e-mail.

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