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Songs from THE VOICE in MPEG-Layer 3-audio-format.
The MP3-format should be known to everyone by now. Therefor we have only one comment left for, please NOT to support illegal Sites! Think of us, the artists, that cannot work for nothing!

We produced a special "Short InterNet Mix" of the song "achievements" in good quality. Additionally we made short mono-mixes in middle quality of several other songs. So now there's an inexpensive way how you can get an impression of our music (before you will hopefully order the CD right afterwards ;-)

6 new songs (2 of them as shorter remixes) from the '99 album "Times" are also available here for the first time now.

And here are the rules:
The MP3-File may not be manipulated or changed in any way. Especially changes of the ID are not allowed! Format changes or conversions into other audio file formats are not allowed! The song may not be duplicated, performed, reproduced or broadcasted and may not be stored on any kind of data or audio media without the permission of the composer and the lyric writer. Sampling and processing of parts of this recording are not allowed! Exception is the free pass to interested music fans to introduce them to our music. But it may not be taken any charge, neither for the used transportation media nor the copying of the file onto it! The copyright of the songs lies at "The Voice - Spohn / Torkler / Peinelt GbR"
Original versions of the songs are included on the albums "InFormation" (© THE VOICE 1995) and "Times" (© THE VOICE 1999).

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