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*[1] Note: This e-mail-address is only for ordering CDs or sending private e-mail! We don't want any submission of advertising e-mail on any given address on this page. The one who thinks who MUST send us his advertisements may ask for permission wether we want such ads or not in a short e-mail! That e-mail may not contain advertisements itself! We are allergic to spam and want clean e-mail-accounts! Offenders to this agree to pay a penalty of 25 EUR per unwanted e-mail.
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There are the following ways, to order one album for the price of 10 EURO (7 EURO for orders inside Germany!) including packagging and shipping:
1. Order via Mail and Cash

Order via Mail is not available any longer.
2. Order via email, Payment via Bank

Please send us your order via email with your address. We will send you the details of our bank account. Please make sure, that the SENDER of the payment will take care of all costs, so that the exact sum of 10 EURO (7 EURO for orders inside Germany) will get credited on our account!
Remittances, that cannot be attached to an order will be returned.
Orders without payments will not be handled.

We cannot accept other forms of payment than cash or remittance. Sorry for that!

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